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Yesterday here at Hometown Foodie, I wrote about the difference between cold brew coffee and iced coffee, as there still seems to be some confusion about that.

Today, I want to look at some of the health benefits that can come from drinking coffee, when it’s consumed in moderation.

What’s considered moderation? Well according to guidelines put out by the federal government, 3 to 5 cups a day is considered moderate consumption. Of course if you load your coffee up with tons of cream and sugar you are probably going to undo any health benefits you would otherwise receive.

Here are just a few of the scientifically proven health benefits that can come wiht daily moderate coffee consumption:

One – Drinking coffee can help you to maintain weight loss. And, it’s a great appetite suppressant.

Two – Coffee can put you in a better mood, as well as help you to stay more alert. Just try talking to someone before they have had their morning cup of Joe to see this for yourself!

Three – Coffee is good for your heart. Even the American Heart Association backs this up as they say coffee is strongly associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

Four – Drinnking coffee lowers your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Six – Coffee consumption decreases your risk of developing certain types of cancers, including kidney, colorectal, and oral-esophageal cancers.

What’s not to love about this? So drink up without guilt. Let’s eat y’all…!

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